Frequently asked questions
1. I have been living in my house for many years.  Does that mean I don't need this ?
- It is true that when you live in a house for many years you are used to the energy that is. 
It does not mean it is clean and harmonious.   
Old energy serves habits and actually tries to maintain them. 
Anyone who is ready for a new step in his or her life will benefit tremendously if the energy in his or her house is prepared and thus supportive for the wanted changes. 
It is like having the wind in your back.  A very nice feeling indeed.
2. When we bought this house, we did a proper renovation.  So the old energy must have gone with it, right?
-It does help to get rid of old stuff that can serve as ankers for heavy old energy patterns.  
That does not mean all is cleansed and harmonious.  Old energy is not very keen to leave a place.  When I change the energy, the old stuff has to go because it can't live in such energetically tidy and well organised places.  Everybody can feel the difference when tuned in.  It is like sleeping in new sheets.
3. I can't afford this.  Can't you do a shorter version in my place that costs a bit less?
-This process brings a deep and long lasting positive change to you and your place. 
It is not advisable to try to speed it up or stop in the middle of the process.  It is like an operation on a human body.  Would you ask your surgeon to take some short cuts?  
-If you can not afford this but you feel it is important for you and your place to experience this deep change, I am open for alternatives where a part of the money is paid trough exchange of goods or services (e.g. firewood, equipment, materials…) if these meet my needs.
4. I am depressed and bored, but I don't think this has anything to do with my house or garden.
-Who you are and where you are at on your personal development always resonates on some level with the place your are living.  Places have trauma's, just like people.  If a place is sold, very often will the new people show similar ways of life, issues, problems. 
When people want a change, they often think about moving house.
When the energy of the place you live and sleep in is brought to a higher resonance, you will be personally invited to bring yourself to rise with it.  Through our 6-weekly meetings, we will bring awareness and clarity to what it is you really want in this phase of your life. 
The change of energy will support you in achieving this.
5. Is this the same as the Japanese "Feng Shui"?
This work is very different then the ancient method of Feng Shui.  We live in 2020 and new ways of working with energy are available.  These are in tune with our current times and awareness.
With Ecointention, which is taught in Holland via a "4-year intensive training", you do not have to move any furniture.  You work directly with the morphic field* of a place.  The changes happen on a deeper level and it takes the personal story of those responsible for the place into the process.  It is like restoring a whole ecosystem, rather then hunting for the unwanted foxes.
*Morphic field (see scientist Rupert Sheldrake for more information)