What happens next?
-When you feel that you and your place could benefit from such a transforming process, let me know via email or phone.  
-We make an appointment and I come to see your place.  You are free to ask questions and I explain what I need to start.
-When you have sent me the information, I will make a scan of the place.  If all is well I will start cleansing on a daily basis from my home.  
-After six weeks, I visit you for measurements to check if the work I do lands everywhere in your place.  Explanation is given on how things are developing and we start working on your personal goals.  These six-weekly visits continue during the treatment.  

What does it cost?


This extensive process of one year with daily, weekly and six-weekly input adds up to 2150 euros, tax included.


When money is an issue (which can be one of your goals) there is a possibility that part of the amount is paid via exchange of goods or services you have on offer, if these meet my needs.  This can be discussed in our first meeting.