House, Gite and Gardens

by Louise McNally

Kristof came to harmonise my house and adjacent gite in France in order to support my own healing work.  I'd recently taken over the gite but the energy was not good and it was as if it was seeping through to my own house.  My sleeping was very poor and started to feel worse than ever.  A friend recommended Kristof and I could see a transformation in her, so I decided to give it a go.


In the event, I dread to think how things would be if I hadn't gone ahead.  It was actually the best money I've ever spent and I don't say that lightly.  Kristof's work is slow and deep and quite mysterious, but the results are very tangible.  Over time, all the negative energy evaporates and you feel much better, much lighter, more focused. 


For me, it supported and sped up my own healing work massively and now I sleep well (from having been a chronic insomniac) and my energy is returning (from having had very low energy).  I feel so much better and even look better - and my own work is still ongoing, so my life gets ever more buoyant and joyful as the weeks pass.  The gite is more successful each year (I've made back the money I invested in Kristof) 


When I returned to France in the Spring, the garden had grown twice as much as usual and the flowers were incredible.  Shrubs which didn't usually flower were bent over with blooms.  It was beautiful!

If I ever moved house, the first thing I would do now is to ask Kristof to harmonise it.  Once you feel the benefits you don't want to go back, and I'm deeply grateful to Kristof for the work.  I'm excited about the future and what all the lovely energy will attract.  


Old Farm and Surrounding Fields
by Helen Crawford

Kristof is an extraordinary person with a huge power of insight. When I bought my place, I knew it had potential to be an exceptional place, but all my efforts were blocked. I didn't know why.


When Kristof started the Ecointention process, the energy blockages started to clear, and I started to understand how it worked. The potential of my house and land is growing all the time, my fortunes have turned around, and I am so happy that I met Kristof when I did.