After one year, with six-weekly visits, the process comes to an end. 

You feel good in your house, new ideas give you purpose and joy.

You manage to accomplish what you want and feel supported by your homely surroundings.


Things go easier, there is less friction in your daily life. 


You feel uplifted every time you come back from outings.  Your place helps you to recharge.  

The visits have helped you on a personal level.  There is more clarity, more awareness of who you are and what you want in life.

You feel more in charge of yourself and your activities.



The quality of communication between people has improved.  There are less misunderstandings and conflicts.

The possibility of accidents or theft are reduced. 

People love passing by and enjoy your place almost as much as you do.


The changes this process brings about are lasting.  The benefits can be felt for many years.